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Graves A (ed.). The Small Library Manager’s Handbook. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield; 2014. Medical Library Association Book Series

“Graves has assembled a superior reference tool for librarians working in small, solo or otherwise non-traditional libraries as well as a truly useful handbook for library students seeking to understand the profession” Jessamyn C. West, library technologist, Librarian.net

“The Small Library Manager’s Handbook is an excellent go-to resource for handling the challenges and day-to-day operations of small libraries of all types. It is very useful for the new manager who is juggling multiple responsibilities, from finance to technology, while effectively meeting the needs of the library users. Of particular note is Part 5, addressing issues related to technology, especially for those librarians who don’t have the luxury of an IT staff to design and maintain websites and other information and communication technologies.” Stephanie L. Maatta, Assistant Professor, School of Library & Information Science, Wayne State University